Our Process


Initial Contact & Quote

We will be contacted either directly by client or insurance company. If contacted by the client we will help determine if it is a covered claim or not. Once we are contacted by either party we would proceed roughly as follows.

We will contact the client if details are forwarded to us by the insurance company. We will to gain information about the problem, such as the cause, affected areas and determine whether it needs to be attended to urgently or not.  If required we will arrange to have staff there as soon as possible to help minimize the damage.

Once we have the required information and any emergency remediation is complete, we will set up a time to meet with client to assess the damage and give a breakdown of how things will proceed from there on out. We will take photos for our records as well.

Following the meeting we will provide a copy of the estimate to the client. It will express what portions of the structure are to be removed and or repaired as necessary.


Prepare for the Restoration

Next we would pack out any of the clients damaged contents or any contents that might interfere with the restoration process. We would take the clients contents to our warehouse, where they will be cleaned, if required. Then stored or disposed of if unsalvageable.


Begin the restoration work

We would then proceed with repairs on the clients structure. First removing any damage or compromised structure that is not salvageable and begin the rebuilding process. The rebuilding time frame will depend on the size of the claim, it may be a few days or a few months. Which would have been discussed with the client upon the first meeting.


Deliver the keys

With completion of the rebuilding phase and the client is 100% satisfied, the stored contents would be returned to the client.

When the job is complete and the client is satisfied with all processes, they sign off on the work being completed up to all standards.